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Valued Parents, Future Students

For more than 100 years, Sacred Heart School has educated young people, preschool through eighth grade, in the tradition of the Roman Catholic Church. Today our school enrolls students drawn from all over the Imperial Valley.

Sacred Heart School is a private Catholic school committed to seeking and ensuring an experience of excellence for each one of our students, providing innovative educational materials, and setting a quality structure that will help children to discover, nurture, maximize, and bring to fruition their gifts and abilities.

We offer a diverse and supportive learning environment in which children thrive.


Are designed to stimulate intellectual curiosity, develop critical thinking skills, and nurture the desire for life-long learning. To achieve this, our teachers shape the curriculum to meet the different needs of our students as they progress through each level of learning. The content, techniques, and structure employed in each grade are designed to reflect their changing capabilities and prepare them for the next level of learning. 


Sacred Heart School is a member of the Roman Catholic Diocese of San Diego Elementary schools in Imperial County and is accredited by WASC (Western Association of Colleges and Schools) and WCEA (Western Catholic Education Association.)


Immediately following the dedication of the new Sacred Heart church in April 1913, the pastor Father Burelbach decided that the children needed a Catholic school. The construction of the school was completed at the end of 1915 and the Sisters of St. Joseph were contracted to begin teaching the 1916-1917 school year.

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Is $2.50/Hr Affordable?

Why Choose Sacred Heart?

Yes, for an investment of $2.50/hr you can afford the very best private school education for your children that Imperial County has to offer. What matters to you? For over 100 years, Sacred Heart has focused on the values that so many seek in a quality education: superior academic results; faith formation and the building of moral character; and a safe, caring community where your child is accepted, respected and never lost in the crowd.

These are not abstractions. They’re not part of an educational “wish list.” At Sacred Heart, these are tangible, visible realities forged from tradition, intellect, wisdom, and the passionate commitment of the region’s best teachers. So, what matters to you?

Superior Academics...and Results

  • Over 99% of Catholic school students graduate. ACT scores are in the top 25% nationally.
  • Over 9/10 high school students go on to college.
  • Sacred Heart School students test from one to three grades higher on Iowa standardized tests.
  • Sacred Heart students consistently outperform regional, state, and national results on standardized tests.
  • Sacred Heart has produced academic results that were more than 2+ grades years ahead of national norms (Our 8th graders tested well into 10th grade academic levels). Not only that, we see student growth consistently as our students progress through elementary school grades (from 1 year ahead of norms in 3rd grade to 2+ years in 8th grade).

If you care about your child’s performance, preparation and results, choose a rigorous higher standard like Sacred Heart. A superior education can never be lost or taken from your children.

Faith and Character

Yes, Sacred Heart is different. The experience is designed to be transformational, to make a difference in the life of every student. From Day 1 at Sacred Heart, your child learns in a disciplined that respects every that seeks to promote selflessness, self-control, curiosity and the pursuit of justice and faith in action:

  • Last year, San Diego Diocesan area students provided over 130 thousand hours of service to their communities
  • Teachers, coaches and administrators emphasize a God-centered life of perseverance, courage conscientiousness and Christian charity
  • Studies indicate that strong character development may correlate – as much or more than academic achievement – to later success in life

The mission Sacred Heart is to provide a faith-filled education built upon Catholic virtues and the life of Jesus Christ. This is the foundation of a meaningful life. Sacred Heart points the way to personal success rooted in moral character.

A Safe, Caring Community

Anyone who knows a Sacred Heart school teacher knows it’s more a “calling” than it is a “job.” Yes, a quality education is important...and that takes great teachers...but Sacred Heart school teachers know that quality education occurs when an environment is safe, stable and caring.

  • Sacred Heart is a community where your child is accepted, respected and never lost in the crowd.
  • Sacred Heart is accountable, responsive, and operates according to the highest professional standards.
  • Your participation is important and we welcome your involvement.

For generations parents like you have chosen Sacred Heart as an extension of their families. They want the values taught at home to be witnessed and lived at school. This is precisely what they get at Sacred Heart, worth every cent.

The School

Sacred Heart School provides your child the opportunity to excel in classrooms with low student to teacher rations (20:1.) We provide a rigorous academic setting using California Department of Education approved textbooks and a dedication to learn by doing.

Our curriculum follows the Diocesan Curriculum Guide of which 85% is based on the California Standards. The Diocesan Curriculum Guide is available in the school office A legacy of excellence has been the hallmark of this institution since 1914. Our graduates very often finish in the top 20% of their high school classes.

  • Pre-school, Pre-kinder and Kindergarten programs with "Zoophonics" based reading readiness
  • Kindergarten Program is Tax Deductible
  • Sacramental Preparation (2nd Grade+)
  • Accelerated Math Program
  • Accelerated Reading Program
  • Computer Science Curriculum (4th-8th)
  • Robotics Program (4th-8th)
  • Pre-Algebra, Algebra and Advanced Algebra
  • Imperial County Math Competition
  • Science Fair
  • Educational Field Trips
  • Folkloric Dance class for all grade levels
  • Guitar classes
  • Violin classes
  • Interscholastic Sports (5th-8th)
  • San Diego Zoo Camp and Catalina Island Marine Institute (7th-8th)


The Preschool

Our preschool classes are limited to twelve students in each classroom where they are overseen by an Early Childhood Program accredited teacher. We have 2 day, 3 day and 5 day options available. Instruction revolves around age appropriate academic activities as well as our renowned "Zoophonics" reading readiness. The school day runs from 8:00 until 2:30 to match the same hours as older brother and sisters in Kindergarten through 8th grade. Children must be three years old by September 1st and be potty trained. Preschool tuition is tax deductible.

  • Sacred Heart School is the only elementary school in Brawley and Only Catholic School in Imperial County to Offer a Computer Science Curriculum to students 4th grade and beyond. Students learn JavaScript, Python and various other languages beyond standard technology training.

Welcome Families

Dear Families,

I invite you to come take a look at a parochial school education for your children. Sacred Heart School located in beautiful Brawley, California is here for you. We have students that come to us from all corners of the Imperial Valley and also from Mexicali.

We teach Christian values in addition to all of the academic subjects using state approved textbooks in a small class setting. Each teacher has 20 students or less. We offer sports, music, art and dance as well as after school day care until 5:30pm.

Sacred Heart School has been a Brawley tradition for over 100 years! Our strong Preschool, Pre-Kinder and Kindergarten program set the foundation for a good Catholic education. Grades 1-8 continue to challenge and develop the spiritual and intellectual needs of our children. Our graduates very often finish in the top 20 of their high school classes. Some of our students have won academic scholarships at Vincent Memorial High School in Calexico.

Our philosophy and mission is to strive to motivate our students to achieve mastery of basic skills. We encourage students to be curious lifelong learners and to integrate Christian truths and values into their daily lives. We provide a child and Christ centered education. Our students will be prepared for success in high school and beyond.

Please call for more information or even better, come and visit. Take a look at what could be in your future!

Yours in Christ,
Annalisa Burgos, Principal

Have any questions? We answer emails quickly throughout the school day.

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