The Desert Review Article ### Promotion for Sacred Heart Preschoolers

By: Katherine Ramos June 7, 2013

RAWLEY – With all the big kid promotions and graduations  at this time of the year, it is easy for the small preschoolers to be forgotten in the rush.  Not so at Sacred Heart School in Brawley.

The school hosted a show of dancing and singing for the parents on Friday to celebrate their students’ success and the efforts of the families.  The students have practiced under the instruction of Mrs. Lomeli all year long in the art of folklorico dancing.

The three preschool classes performed six dances that hailed from the various regions of Mexico and South America, then finished with an American-style Charleston to end the show.

“They’ve been practicing since the beginning of the year,” said Rosa Romero, the director for the preschool classes, “They’re kids and everything they do is wonderful.”

“It’s a way of recognizing them and thanking the parents for letting us take care of them all year,” said Marisa Villamor, the office manager for Sacred Heart as she organized the children in the classes.

Parental help was a huge part of getting the performance ready according to Villamor.  She pointed out that Gina Estrada was working on her daughters’ hair for hours getting it into a bun for her dance.

Allyson Garcia receives her certificate of completion from Principal Berrett.

“It’s cute and exciting,” said Estrada, “Sad cause it means she’s growing up.”

Once the dancing finished, the children sang a song with Principal Brian Barrett and were then presented with certificates of completion for the year.  The five year old students will move onto kindergarten in the fall while the younger students will be back next year.