The Desert Review Article ### Sacred Heart School hosts “Back to School Night”

By: Staff Reporter September 4, 2014

BRAWLEY – Sacred Heart School in Brawley hosted their “Back to School Night” Wednesday.

This is their kick-off to the new school year. The school has been in session since August 25. The kids are now in the midst of their classes and the parents can see what their children are doing, meet their teacher, and see the changes that have been done to the school and the programs.

Sacred Heart School has undergone some building and program improvements this past summer.

Principal Brian Barrett explained, “We didn’t have money in our budget for the improvements. Our needs were put before the Parishioners, the parents, and local townspeople. Everyone stepped up with donations.”

New paint, flooring, and a new water fountain are some of the improvements to the approximately 100 year old building.

“We’re also promoting healthy eating,” said Barrett. “We’re hoping to have the next generation of kids healthier, stronger, and reduce obesity rates by offering healthier food and beverage choices.”

Sacred Heart is constantly improving their academic programs, as well. They are offering computer classes and musical instrument classes this fall.

“We have obtained 20 Chrome books,” said Barrett. “They are small wireless laptops with an 8 hour battery pack. We’re going to be able to have one-on-one computer instruction with full internet capabilities. We will be monitoring all content.”

“We are very excited about have violin classes starting September 12,” said Barrett. “on Fridays from 3:30 to 5:00 p.m. We are welcoming other kids throughout the community this opportunity to take advantage of this program.”

Sacred Heart School was recently honored as being an effective small school that is a role model for larger schools.